The new ELCA current Rectifier digital type

Main functions:
(Programming / SCR firing control and output regulation / Parameter and Alarm Indication / Interfacing with external PC or PLC) are controlled by a fully digital system

Current rectifier for plating Remote control panel
Process Computer ELCA RAMPER type P
The process Computer ELCA RAMPER is a powerful digital controller that takes care of all control functions and allows automatic working.
The operator panel is provided with:
Digital controller
The operator can operate the unit in manual mode, setting:
  1. Constant current or constant voltage control
  2. Process duration
  3. The output polarity
  4. The output value
Moreover Full automatic execution of the working cycles is possible:
  1. Up to 100 different programs can be created and saved by the user.
  2. Each program allows the programming of:
  3. Constant current with voltage limit or Constant voltage control;
  4. Up to 20 ramps and dwell times (Steps);
  5. Working ways (with or without pulses, with independent parameters
    for each step
  6. Duration of the process based on the Time or on the Ampere-hours number.
The type of each Step can be chosen between the two following:
  1. WT (time without any output)
  2. POS (positive polarity output). In the POS step also the working way can be set
STEP description and program example
Available type of steps:
  1. - Dwell time - WT
Step type: POS polarity
Parameters that can be set in the POS step:
  1. Ramp time - TR
  2. Dwell time - TP
  3. Final Value - VF
Working with positive pulses:
  1. Base Time
  2. Pulse time
  3. Pulse Amplitude
The proper step sequence allows to create any type of program as the following in the example: