Elca electrocolouring static power supplies
A new generation electronic power supplies
for modern Aluminium colouring:
  1. Three phase supply
  2. Full solid state control (no moving parts)
  3. DC / AC output mode
  4. Programmable AC waveform (also not symmetrical output available)
  5. Computerized full digital control
More info:
- General description
- Working ways and process computer
- Interface to external PLC (serial line, Modbus or Profibus protocol)
- Technical features and Comparation table with old electromechanical type

Elca electrocolouring power supplies type DC+AC
Main technical features:
  1. Single phase supply
  2. Sliding brush control regulator
  3. Sinusoidal AC waveform
  4. Stepless output voltage adjustment
  5. Adjustable ramp times
  6. DC / AC output mode
  7. Forced air cooling or Water cooling, on request
Technical features and Comparation table with new electromechanical type
Standard sizes:

2.000A – 4.000A
6.000A – 8.000A
10.000A – 12.000A
15.000A – 18.000A
20.000A – 25.000A

Control Options:
- ELCA RAMPER process computer, to carry out automatically the colouring process
- Interface to external PLC (serial line, Modbus or Profibus protocol)
Manual working:

The operator can control the power supply directly, setting  the type of output phase , the duration and the output voltage value by means of the keyboard.

Automatic working:

After the waiting time the colouring process is carried out according to the program selected in the ELCA RAMPER.
A pre-alarm signal is available 1 min. before the end of the cycle.
After the cycle end the unit remains in “PARTIAL STOP” condition.

At this moment it is possible to operate according to the following 2 working ways:

START AGAIN: the unit supplies the same output a.c. voltage as before the partial
stop. When the preset time is expired, the lamp and the buzzer operate again

TOTAL STOP: by means of the proper button. It resets the unit.

RAMP TIME: (the same for both DC and AC phase): adjustable between 20÷50 sec.

Computerized control:
Anodizing Process Computer

The power supply is provided with a proper process computer to allow the necessary system flexibility and the correct management of all the working parameters (phase type, output voltage, ramp times, …)
This computer can memorize up to 100 different programs and it takes care of the automatic execution of programmed cycle. Provided with printer on request.