ELCA CURRENT Rectifiers for special finishings
Remote control panel


Electrophoresis suppliers
  1. ELCA units for electrophoresis are totally customized on client's needs
  2. You and your customers will be welcomed to our factory for a detailed test of the unit before delivery
Available options:
- Smoothing filter for LOW RIPPLE value
- ELCA RAMPER Process Computer to carry out automatically the anodizing process
- Full interface to external PLC
- Customer specific options (to be requested to our tech departement)
Magnesium (Mg), Titanium (Ti), High Voltage Aluminium (Ai) Anodising

ELCA MgES is a power supply especially developed for anodizing treatments of non ferrous metals as magnesium, titanium and aluminium diecasting.

The machine is based on the Italfinishpatent: "MULTIUSE ELECTROLYTICHAL PROCESS FOR NON FERROUS METAL SURFACE TRATMENTS" registered on Nov.29.2005 and is designed to supply particular currents wave forms suitable for "micro-arc" (or plasma) anodising processes on all the above mentioned metals.

The control board of each unit includes an up-to-date computer able to manage different types of currents wave forms in a wide variety of combinations of currents, voltages and times to acheive the desired quality of the formed film.
We will be glad to host you and your partners in our factory for every information about our products.