Current Rectifiers For Plating

The ELCA current rectifier digital type: all main functions are digitally controlled (Programming / SCR firing and output regulation / Parameter and Alarm Indication / Interfacing external PLC).

Current rectifier for plating Remote control panel
Available Types

- N
- NR

Pulse Rectifier (on request):

- Working with positive Pulses
- Working with periodic reversing Polarity to obtain the well know advantages

Cooling options (alternatively):

- Forced air (Protection degree IP20)
- Mixed air / water (Protection degree IP20)
- Water cooling (Protection degree IP54)

Standard sizes:

- from 600 Adc to 50.000 Adc, 10 to 18 Vdc
   Different sizes on request

- Smoothing filter for LOW RIPPLE value
- Process Computer to carry out automatically the plating process
- Full interface to external PLC