Current Rectifiers For Plating

The ELCA current rectifier digital type: all main functions are digitally controlled (Programming / SCR firing and output regulation / Parameter and Alarm Indication / Interfacing external PLC).

Current rectifier for plating Remote control panel
Conventional current Rectifiers: Type N or NR:
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PULSE Rectifiers: Type PRP or PRPR:
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Current rectifiers TYPE N:
The output polarity is electronically controlled by means of SCRs

Current rectifiers TYPE NR:
With continuous polarity reversal (for Etching)
Output polarities are electronically controlled by means of SCRs

Pulse rectifiers TYPE PRP:
The special features of these Pulse rectifiers allow the working in the following modes:
  1. With Positive pulses (0÷50% of the Base level) superimposed on the Base value.
    THANKS TO POSITIVE PULSES, the PROCESS TIME can be REDUCED and the throwing power is increased
  2. With Periodic Reversing Polarity: Longer period (some Seconds) of direct current are followed by very short polarity reversal
    THANKS TO PERIODIC REVERSING POLARITY, the uniformity is increased and, as regards Hard chromium, a crack free deposit can be obtained.

Pulse rectifiers TYPE PRPR:
In addition to PRP type, This pulse rectifier offers also the continuous polarity reversal facility (for Etching)