Current Rectifiers For Plating

The ELCA current rectifier digital type: all main functions are digitally controlled (Programming / SCR firing and output regulation / Parameter and Alarm Indication / Interfacing external PLC).

Current rectifier for plating Remote control panel
Process Computer ELCA RAMPER
ELCA digital rectifiers are provided with a powerful digital controller that takes care of all control functions and allows automatic working.
The operator panel is provided with:
Digital controller
The operator can always operate the unit in manual mode, setting:
  1. Constant current or constant voltage control
  2. Process duration
  3. The output polarity (types NR and PRPR only)
  4. The output value
Moreover the full automatic execution of the working cycles is possible:
  1. Up to 100 different programs, each one consisting of several steps, can be created and saved by the user.
  2. Easy programming by means of simple command menus. (different languages available)
  3. Data retention without supply and without back-up batteries.
  4. Serial port (RS485) for digital communication (standard Modbus Protocol)
  5. Alarm messages visualization
  6. Printer for the printout of the process parameters on request (Optional)
See other Ramper details: type N ; type NR ; type PRP ; type PRPR